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Roboscoped™ AI camera assistent

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8 facts why you need Roboscoped

1. AI Support for making pictures and Videos

You are a shy person and dont want to ask other people if they can take a photo of you?
No problem with the Roboscoped Camera assistent we got you covered.


2. 360-degree face-tracking

Automatic face recognition and face tracking. AI is making videos while you are alone easy.

3. Real-Time Reponse for tracking Objects and animals
Roboscoped can not only track Humans but also moving objects and animals in real-time.


4. Easy to use

You only need the App „iFollowUpro“ and any mobile device and connect it via Bluetooth.


5. Perfect size for travelling

Not too big and not too small to take it with you wherever you want to. Take photos and videos of the best memories while you are on road!


6. Support for YouTube, VLOGS, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook etc.


7. Make videos horizontal or vertical

You decide in which format you want to take pictures and videos! 


8. An addional Tripod can be attached for special activities


Product Instruction

  1. Put 3 AA batteries into the product
  2. Download the App „iFollowUpro“
  3. Hold the power button 5 seconds until the light is turning red
  4. Go on the app and click connect via bluetooth
  5. Now click on any symbol in the app to start face-tracking if you wish to
  6. If you use the normal camera, face-tracking is not enabled

Product specifications

Size: 92mm Diameter x 180mm Height

Fitting phone size: 56-100mm – all phones on the market

Battery time: 50 hours with 3 AA batteries (batteries are not included with this product)


Roboscoped™ AI camera assistent

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